Yoga Classes

I have been practicing & teaching Yoga Classes for over 10 years now, while I previously practiced Yoga every day now it fits into my weekly health and fitness routine alongside Pilaties, Weight training, Gymnastic Strength Training and Running. 

Yoga is a fantastic way to improve your flexibility, build body awareness and calm your mind. 

  • You do not have to be flexible to start Yoga
  • You do need to be able get up and down from the floor reasonably well

My classes are ‘Mixed Ability’ Hatha and Hatha Flow classes, for those of you with little experience in Yoga this tends to be the common form of Yoga you would find at your local leisure centre/ church hall/evening class. 

The scope of practice in Yoga is vast and you could attend classes with 10 different Yoga Instructors and have completely different experiences. As a Physiotherapist I have studied the body and human movement for many years, I provide variations in my practice for those that are currently too stiff to get into certain postures and can guide you safely through your practice. 

I will openly admit I have not been genetically gifted with flexibility and have worked hard to get to the level of mobility I have, I can’t credit Yoga completely but it certainly helped!

Come and try out a few classes and see what you think. If you have Any questions about my Yoga classes please get in touch. 

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